Spring For Hobbits in Norwich

Lizzie looking like a hobbit

In the mild climate of the Shire, hobbits enjoy snowdrops in January. If they weren't so darn cute, we'd hate 'em, but luckily, they are so darn cute.

OK, I officially suffer from a mild case of Norwich envy. Note the photo that Amanda recently uploaded, taken last week at a park in Norwich, England, where she lives.

I see a lot of green going on. The photo looks to me like Lizzie and her “push chair,” as the Brits quaintly put it, has been inserted via PhotoShop into a scene from “The Hobbit.”

But, it’s real. There is already green in the world somewhere as light is starting to slowly return to the northern hemisphere. Amanda reports that snowdrops are already blooming in Norwich, and the natives are acting as if that’s a normal thing.

Well, it’s not in Iowa. We’re still in the Siberia phase of the year, and it’ll be 6 weeks before we have a shot at seeing snowdrops here.

Then again, it’s only six weeks until we start to see snowdrops here. The sun is starting to ooze up the ladder of the sky, and we’re more than halfway done with mean old winter. Just keep telling yourself that in February, a month with only 28 days because in Iowa we couldn’t take any more.

An American would pronounce Norwich to rhyme with "witch," so the witch of Norwich would be a clever title--but in England, they rhyme Norwich with porridge. Well, they would. Lizzie still looks like she's casting a spell. This and other photo uploaded by Amanda to Facebook, photos used with permission.

I saw a book about flowers today in Busse Library and grabbed it. I’m watching for Morning Glory seeds to appear at Target, and I want to snap them up and get them started soon.

I like having 4 seasons and I don’t mind snow, but I’m starting to feel ready for a little Norwich green in Iowa any day now.



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2 responses to “Spring For Hobbits in Norwich

  1. I always thought I’d want to live somewhere with four distinct seasons, but I gotta say I’m loving this weather. 🙂

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