Everybody’s Doing the Locomotion




Mr T is amused


Marian Arens pumpkin day.

Got to watch Lizzie puttering around on two feet this morning while we spoke with Amanda on Skype.

Amanda says she’s walking more often and much more confidently—even to the point of playing simple ball games, bending down and picking up the ball and maintaining her biped status.

Lot of moving going on. Audrey and I watched Nickayla and Tristan overnight, and we were moving a lot too.

Tristan isn’t fully a biped yet—he can stand and can cruise, but mostly wants to hold on if he’s going to take a step, and very much a crawler still. Yet, as shown in the video, he sometimes does what I call the “spider” or “monkey” crawl—a quadruped locomotion involving hands and feet and no knees.

Update: it’s not ideal, but at least I was able to post via YouTube, so here is Tristan, doing his monkey or spider crawl:


No video yet, have not figured out how to upload. For now, Nikayla in a tube.


We took the kids to Noelridge Park Friday, looked at some ducks, walked around (Nikayla did NOT want to ride, she’s an independent walking little girl, thank you) and played in a small child play area. Tristan played the role of monkey boy, crawling all over the equipment. He did not go down a slide, but it would not have been shocking if he had, and I’ve heard he’s done it before.


Tristan headed down the steps face first.


It was frightening to watch him go down steps, because he sometimes goes head first, as shown, but he didn’t take any spills.

Nikayla is a much braver climber these days. She hasn’t exactly tackled a ladder, but steeper, more “big girl” stairs, like one series of bumps with a handrail at the park, she can scale with confidence. There is a spot where there are two stool-like large steps leading up to a landing, and she clambered from stool to stool to scale those heights.

Parents worry a lot about baby’s verbal development, and it’s not a trivial concern. Although the quadruped to biped transition is not quite as fraught with angst, it’s an interesting one to witness. And as both Lizzie and Nikayla dance their way through early and not as early biped motions, it’s just fun to watch.

More park (and fall) photos on Facebook.  Everybody’s doing the locomotion.  Jen, this earworm is for you.


Ducks at the park.




Everybody looking at the ducks at the park.



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