More Fall Leaf Images

Maple leaf at MMU

This must be one of the most photographed maples at Mount Mercy Univrsity--note Warde Hall cupola in background.

Hope the leaf photos don’t get too mundane or dull, but I am enjoying a few quick photo breaks during my hectic mid-semester grading season.

Today, a history professor gave good tips on use of Power Point, and I left to walk over to the lecture a few minutes early, camera in hand. Here are the results—most of these images are from central Mount Mercy University campus today (October 6) with a few—the Sumac leaves at the end—the result of a brief stop on the bike trail between J Avenue and points north.

Maple near Warde Hall

I am not sure it's the same tree--there are several maples near the walkway at MMU near Warde Hall. I like the blue sky and color on the leaves.

I like afternoon sun for these foliage photos, for some reason. The yellower light makes the leaves shimmer and glow. I also like close-ups of leaves that are not necessarily the “prettiest” ones, but ones that are interesting and have contrasting colors—a faded, blotched sumac leaf, or leaf in the shadow of another hold more interest for me than a “perfect” leaf.

Anyway, help me pick the best of this bunch. From previous blog photos, the bug on the tire seemed number one, while from my Facebook fall leaves gallery, a crab apple photo was admired by some.  Remember, on the blog you can click a photo to see a bigger version of it.  As is true of my other foilage photos, these are presented uncropped, and unedited except for some color correcting.

Lily seeds

Lily seeds in garden of Basile Hall, Mount Mercy University.

We’re into the Asian Beetle, Box Elder Bug, desperate sweat bee season of the year—post mild frost, which was not enough to knock the hardiest of the bug crew down—just riled them up. Can’t say that I’ll mind that first hoarfrost morning when the temperature is around 25 or so!


Sumac on Cedar Valley Trail north of J Avenue in Cedar Rapids. Looks painted by fungus splotches.


Nearby Sumac leaf--I liked how the foreground one is backlit by sun, but also has the shadow of another leaf on it.

Ironwood tree

One of two photos of the intersting leaves and seeds of an Ironwood tree at the back door of Warde Hall.

Ironwood tree

Another Ironwood view. I think the other Ironwood photo might say "fall" more to me. Since ISU Extension says this native tree is small and shade loving, does that justify my stealing a few seeds and trying to cultivate it? I only have planted a couple dozen trees in my yard so far ....

Maple on the ground

Yeah, maples can make cute fall leaves--a few more maples on the ground photos. Not another leaf on the parking lot, though that one may beat these due to nice texture contrast--but I got a few nice fallen maple photos today, too.

Maple leaf

Maple down

Yellow maple leaf

Several maples down--more yellow, this time. I like how bright the low afternoon sun turns this scene.

Maples leaves on tree

Maple leaves not down yet--finish by looking up


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  1. Toni

    I’m gonna vote for the backlit sumac and the leaf bouquet.

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