A Few Fall Photos

Bug on bike tire

Not sure a leaf insect counts as "fall foilage," but who knows? The tire of my new bike on Thursday of this week before I rode home (and no, the bug was not harmed--left under her own power before I had to encourage her)

Oct. 20 Update: Gazette has posted information needed to enter their fall photo contest, click here.

The Gazette runs a fall foliage photo contest, which I’ve never before entered.

I might this year, although my most recent check of their web site didn’t reveal the contest rules or deadline (hello, Gazette? If you announce something in your paper, make it something that can be found on your web site).

Anyway, here are a few photos I’ve taken at the Mount Mercy University campus.

Update: Fall photos in this blog are from Mount Mercy University campus.  See fall leaf pictures from my back yard in this facebook gallery.

Any suggestions? What are your favorites of these?

Oak Tree

Oak tree in Our Lady of Sorrows Grotto, MMU campus, Oct. 1

Same oak, MMU grotto

Looking at setting sun through tree, Oct. 1

Oak view number three

Same tree, 3 very different views from Grotto Oak at MMU Oct. 1

Another Grotto plan

Don't know if bugs on berries mean "fall" to the Gazette, but another plant at the MMU Grotto.

Warde Hall Parking Lot

Warde Hall parking lot at MMU--maple leaves in a pile

Maple leafe alone at Warde Hall parking lot

One maple leaf, by itself, at the MMU Warde Hall parking lot Oct. 1.


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7 responses to “A Few Fall Photos

  1. Toni

    Nice photos! I love the leaf-bug!

  2. Amanda

    Leaf-bug, although I agree, I don’t know if it’s a “fall” photo or just cool. I think you should enter the single maple leaf in the parking lot and the one of sun shining through the trees. But they’re all good. Tough choice!

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  4. I concur with the comment about trying to find information about the Fall Photo Contest. I also was unable to locate any information on their web site. I know (from the Linn Area Photo Club) the deadline is November 1st, and you should send them to features@sourcemedia.net – but, nothing, nada, zip on their website regarding size, format, etc.

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