University Flowers and Butterflies, Too

Have not checked yet, so I don't know the kind, but one of many butterflies on flowers blooming in gardens near Basile Hall and Donnelly Center on Mount Mercy University campus.

Today, for a class exercise with my freshman “portal” course, I snapped a bunch of photos around Mount Mercy University’s main campus.

Most were of building parts or people freshmen should know, but since it was me and they were there, of course I shot a few flowers and butterflies, too.

Another butterfly, different type, again I have not yet checked. There was quite a variety, but they were moving fast and only got these two clear shots.

The butterflies were all in a garden just east of Basile Hall, right outside the Basile Beans coffee shop. The flowers are getting past prime, but still draw plenty of nectar sucking insects.

Just a short post—the semester feels likes its’ kicking into high gear and I must get to bed soon. But, I hope you like one more illustrated flower post.

Hibiscus in bloom near campus map sign that is at entrance to Warde Hall parking lot.

Planter outside Donnelly.

Rose of Sharon or other Hibiscus vareity beside steps outside Basile Hall.

These are growing near the "pit" parlking lot door to the Hennessey Rec Center.

OK, not a flower, but has the right vibe. The Grotto pond.

Former President Dr. Thomas Feld supported the Art Program's efforts to restore the grotto. His daughter JJ died young, and the new Grotto pool was named in her honor--and many of her shells were incorporated into the restored Grotto. Here is one on the Grotto bridge.


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