Here is a post, yes it is

The home page of the MMU Times, go there,

Just showing my students how to post in WordPress—many new blogs starting today! Most will end up on my blogroll, so watch for those links.

Students are watching me type, which is embarassing because I’m not so hot at it, and must be really, really, really dull for them to watch. So, soon I will stop. Maybe more later, we’ll see.



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4 responses to “Here is a post, yes it is

  1. Pat

    Here is a comment, yes it is!

    Hi Joe! Happy belated birthday! (Your unmailed card sits beside me as I type.) Hi, students! Isn’t Joe awesome?

  2. Cate

    Another comment. Indeed, another! Now you all can stalk my brother!

    Please, Mr. Postman …

  3. Cate, you’re so rhymariffic lately! Yes, rhymariffic. Check it out in urban dictionary (as soon as I make an entry…)

  4. Kathryn Hagy

    But somehow, you made the post so interesting and stress free, even while a classroom of eyes was watching you!

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