A Flower Post, In Pictures

A Cosmos, in planter by front porch, finally in bloom.

I took the park pictures yesterday with the “old” camera, which doesn’t work as well as the little Kodak I prefer. I was bemoaning to Audrey that I could not find the new one—when it occurred to me that I usually carry that one with me, and what do I usually carry things in that I usually carry?

It’s not a man-purse, but it might as well be a murse. It’s my school tote, which has a Swiss pocket knife, two flashlights (to use for night biking), as many pens and pencils as I can cram in it, my jump drive, usually (when I’m in transit) my cell phone, and—ta-da—my new camera.

Wyatt noted a hummingbird was in my garden. Sadly, I did not see it, but instead shot a butterfly on the butterfly bush (or staring me down from a railing near the butterfly bush) and my blooming pink roses. But first, some cosmos.

Not the same cosmos. This one is a day or so older.

Both cosmos hanging out together by the front stoop.

Butterfly, view one. Many more to follow. Another "Admiral," I think.

On the bush.

And the penultimate image. I have posted photos of this rose bush before, it's definitely in the peak of a vigourous bloom--has produced dozens times the flowers on three roses in back. Must be the vareity and location. Let the butterfly have the final pic ...


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