Dia Cuatro: Caliante como el Diablo

Anne and Val, fonts of knowlege, and very helpful, too.

A three part look at my day:
Part 1: Waiting for Stan
That’s where the flower photos came from. I did not have to wait long, he was fairly punctual, and I won’t bother to post the foggy photos from before the camera warming up.

Odd looking fungi at base of tree near hotel.

Verigated clumps of this were growing in garden at hotel.

Part 2: Habitat for Humanity
That was the satanically hot part. Even in the a.m., it was brutally hot. Anyway, Stan and I went to the build site, and the very first person we ran into, seeking directions to find our source, was the local CEO of Habitat for Humanity. It did not take long to set up our first interview, and Chris was very nice.

Stan set up the other two interviews—one with the future owner of a house and the other with a volunteer. It was a pleasure to work with Stan, who obviously wanted to push and do the story right.

Stan videotapes (not digital! Tape!) our inteterview with Habitat CEO. Headphones are important. Today, we knew we had audio.

CEO's hands--paint splattered. Hands-on leadership.

And foot-on leadership, too. Bravo, CEO, not all bosses have messy shoes.

Stan set up an interview with the man who will own one of the new homes.

Part 3: Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave …
I worked more with Anne today, and she was very patient.

I found the process of video story telling to be very slow and frustrating. I want to craft the narrative glue that weaves quotes together, I am not used to A) simplifying the story so there’s no need for a lot of background or B) weaving together sound bites in a way that will tell a story.

Some duets edited together. Stan and I mutually decided to do our own stories, and it will be interesting Sunday to see what different things we did, given the same raw materials.

I was glad that I’ve been keeping the trusty Kodak with me. I think the still images help, but we’ll see tomorrow.

The conference is to end at 2 p.m., and then it’s the long drive back to Iowa. Cant’ say I relish the drive, and it will be crazy busy when I get there, but still, it will be nice to be home again.

No big thoughts or punchline today—too tired. I will have plenty to talk to students about, though!

Val, eye aglow from the blue light of an iMac.


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