Nashville: On the First Day, We Created Audio

God may have said “let there be light,” implying that pictures come first, but at the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute today, we learned that though the Almighty might be right when you’re crafting a new universe, it’s backwards when it comes to a web multimedia presentation.

First comes the sound.

Elizabeth (cute name, same as one of my granddaughters) was my partner. She shot photos while I recorded audio at a Farmers’ Market today in 100-degree weather. Not sure the resulting story will be all that well done, but we’ve got some raw material to work with.

It did feel, a little, as one of our speakers said today, like we were drinking from a fire hose.

It's called "chimping." Don't do it. Good advice from Val, who is, well ...

Wisdom that I gained today:

  • “Everything is better with tongue,” said Val. Granted, she was talking about photography and seeing a tongue in pictures. It’s a quote that requires context.  Nothing risque about it, even if corn sex was one lecture topic.  Anyway, the point is timing counts for a lot–capturing natural action.
  • Chimping—what photographers call instantly reviewing your digital photos instead of paying attention to the action and taking more photos. It’s a bad idea.
  • Young women who grow up in California, go to school in California and work in California would love to be anywhere but California. Lesson for all those Iowa lads and lasses yearning for the West Coast.
  • Getting good audio is not impossible, but can be a task. Especially if the devil possesses your recorder. Note to self: Buy mics and recorders for Times staff.
  • Reporters not only don’t have to do voice-overs or lead-ins to web multimedia stories; in fact, they probably shouldn’t. On-line multimedia presentations should not follow broadcast conventions. Primarily, the source should tell the story and the reporter should be neither seen nor heard. Hmmmm. May have to re-name or tweak “Times TV.”
  • Audio editing sucks. It just does. It’s why I’m so tired tonight (although an 11-hour drive, lack of sleep from waking up early and crashing after too much caffeine could be contributing factors).

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. A good one, I think. If I learned nothing else, I have enough from the first day of  this program to justify Mount Mercy’s investment in sending me here. Not sure Mount Mercy would entirely agree—yes, John, I’m staying for the whole boot camp—but I feel that I learned a lot.  No, I did not have to wear boots, nor where there any forced marches or MREs. Lunch was good, snacks were free and they made the mistake of giving a middle-aged man unlimited coffee–all in all, a very nice day.

Lastly, just to show what a good day it was, two flowers in bloom outside the Freedom Forum. Why not? It won’t be a surprise to my family to find random flowers in my blog post 🙂

What is it? No idea. Small flower in planter out front, plant looks like fat grass. Trees are mostly familiar (giant tulip trees around) but some different plants.

This is a substantial bush or small tree. If I thnk of it tomorrow, I'll snap a picture of a very large tree that looks like a giant rhododendron. Are rhododendron's, which are meager bushes in Iowa, giant trees south of the Ohio?


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  1. “Are rhododendrons, which are meager bushes in Iowa, giant trees south of the Ohio?” That, my friend, is the very philosophical question I ask myself in the darkest hours of the early morning when I lie awake tossing and turning. Am I a rhododendron from Iowa or Tennessee?

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