Summer 2010 is Pretty Much Ended

There is still one day left before August, but summer already feels over.

I cleaned the Mount Mercy Times office today, and it looks nice. Three new computers are due to be installed; I was hoping they would be put in today, but no dice. Oh well, they’re here and will be put in place soon.

Well. I’m going back to Tennessee in a week and a half to learn video and audio journalism, in a 4-day workshop. I hope it will be fun.

It leaves me a little less time than usual to get ready for school, but what the heck.

A lot has happened this summer, much of it good. Got to see Amanda, Elizabeth and Matt for a couple of weeks, saw Jon get married in Puerto Rico, visited Nina in Omaha and set up the Tennessee trip. At home, we cleaned out from under the deck and Audrey worked very hard to clean up the garage. She also painted several rooms. I helped mostly by staying out of her way.

So what didn’t I get done?

For one thing, I have not yet practiced piano. I started working on it in the spring semester, and always figured I would do more in the summer, but not so far. I don’t think I’ll give up on that completely, at least not yet, but finding time will be hard.

For another thing, did not do the Bix. I would blame my knee, which I banged up in January, but mostly I think I’m just getting to the point where I don’t really want to run that far.

My Spanish didn’t improve over summer, either.

Oh well. I did finally, at age 51, 11 months, get my 50-year checkup. No “innuendo,” in Cate’s terms, but it’s going to be scheduled soon.

Another school year looms. My biggest goal is to stay ahead of grading this year, so students get quicker feedback. Besides that, I want the newspaper to continue to evolve into a more multi-media outfit.

Finally, the bike ride to Waterloo hasn’t taken place, but I hope it will. Have not persuaded Audrey to come pick us up, but I’ll keep trying.

Anyway, summer 2010, I’m sorry you’re drawing to a close. You were, overall, a good season.



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2 responses to “Summer 2010 is Pretty Much Ended

  1. Pat

    You know, you can WALK the Bix! Heck, I can walk the Bix! Mimi will tell you so.

  2. Cate

    I still have hopes for the Waterloo ride as well, but it might take place on a fall weekend instead of August. Might be a saner choice then, anyway.

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