A Trumpet Will Sound Soon

Trumpet flower bud on clotheslline. No leaves nearby because, before Audrey draped it on the line, this particular vine branch was on the ground, where Mr. Rabbit ate all the leaves. First flower on vine years after it was planted.

No, it’s not the end of the world, no matter what GOP Tea Party candidates might say. It’s the biggest news in my gardens since, well, since I discovered how photogenic coneflowers are.

Anyway, despite Cate’s experience at her and Paulette’s previous house, were neighborhood trumpet vines attempted to take over most of the Plain States, I planted a trumpet vine near my clothesline.

Around 2003 or so. Maybe 2004. A while ago.

I was hoping I can keep it contained, since it’s isolated from other gardens or ground. It stubbornly keeps sending up numerous root sappers, but—and this is the only good think I’ll say about Mr. Bunny—they apparently taste good to rabbits and have not been hard to control. True to form, the trumpet vine has been a vigorous grower. However, it has never bloomed, until now. There are now two isolated clusters of buds swelling, and, as you can see, the vine will officially bloom this year. My vine is blooming a month later than every other trumpet vine in Cedar Rapids that I’ve seen, but I am comfortable with late flowers.

A tree addict can’t be too picky about when things bloom.

No butterflies, but some pretty coneflowers. Gallery below will feature day lilies and more coneflower shots.

Anyway, I have a minor bit of camera envy. A former student posted a pretty butterfly picture on a coneflower as her Facebook profile photo. She used a Nikon SLR to capture a butterfly perched on the flower. Nice shot, Mickey.

I would love to have a digital SLR. I’ll have to do something really impressive to get one for Christmas or birthday next year—and, unfortunately, it’s not the only beyond-regular-gift budget item I’ve been coveting these days (ever since the Continental died, I’ve wanted a racier bike, which would cost as much if not more than the swanky camera I also want).

As Sheryl Crow sang, however, it’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have. My little auto Kodak digital toy doesn’t do everything I would like, but it’s a game little camera.

Of course, I’ll have to post some trumpet pictures later when the vine actually blooms—I hope it won’t wait until I’m at camp in Tennessee. We’ll see.

No cute butterfly on the coneflowers. There’ve been a lot hanging around, but I’ve not captured them in a digital file. Today, I was reading a biography of William Randolph Hearst while swinging in the backyard, camera at the ready, glancing up just in case now and then, but no dice.

And Hearst needs more direct attention than that.

Hanging in a swing, waiting for a butterfly that never showed up, being berated by a small bird—what a great way to spend some time on a warm summer afternoon. Afterwards, I’m afraid, probably comes lawn mowing.

Still, I hope you enjoy yet another set of flower pictures from my gardens.

Daylilies in back yard, similar shot later of simliar lilies in front by mailbox.

Hydrangea in front. One by oak in back is not blooming yet, but the hydrangea tree Ben gave me last year is.

Daylily in the side "wall" garden in front.

Daylilies, same type as in back, but by the mail box. Also below.

This bird may be nesting somewhere in my side gardens or in a very nearby tree. When I approach the east side of my back yard, he's there to berate me. Fear not, young dinosaur, you are immune from any harm. If you were a wasp on my deck, I would wait until sundown and then kill you. Luckily, you're not a wasp--something that makes both of us happy.

Coneflower, final image. A butterfly would have come in handy.



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2 responses to “A Trumpet Will Sound Soon

  1. Toni

    I took a picture of a butterfly on a cone flower with my phone! Don’t know if I can get it to my computer somehow or not.

  2. crgardenjoe

    With my old phone, I could e-mail my hotmail account. Have not figured out how to do that with my new one. Some phones have a USB cable, if yours doesn’t and you want the shot, see if you can send e-mail from your phone.

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