The Garden, One Year Later

Day Lily with coneflower in background--it's the larger, store flowe. The lily is a tall day lily, probably 2 feet or so, the cone flower is a foot taller. A flower of this particular day lily caused a dramatic effect, the color "ran" in the rain and splotched a stella de oro lily nearby, looking as if one flower were bleeding or crying on the other. Did not catch that in a picture, sadly.

A year ago, I was putting in a new garden made necessary by my neighbor’s installation of a giant white plastic wall.

One year later, how is it doing?

Quite well. The mysterious blue flowers did not come back this year, but just about everything else did. A pink peony failed to bloom, but the plant looks OK, so I have hopes for next year. As it turned out, the cone flower I purchased from the store is a bit different from the free ones I got from Katy’s sidewalks—not really radically different in color, but both the flowers and plant of the store one are much bigger, perhaps twice the size.

One of the "volunteer" coneflowers. The background is pea gravel that I covered the narrow stretch of garden beside the walkway with, which should help reduce weeding and looks good, too. Although light is limited in this garden, it is also mid-day light, which means this coneflower is getting along with hostas and lily of the valley--not usual garden companions.

I added a few things this year. I planted my token annuals, in the form of moon flowers and morning glories. The jury is still out, but I think we’ll see more flowers this year. I also added white coneflowers, which are nice. I would like to get a few cuttings of red coneflowers from Cate and Paulette’s garden, but we’ll see.

I like the “look” of this garden. It is a bit crowded, but there is a lot of variety. As you can see from the photos, at the moment it’s a day lily/cone flower garden.

All in all, year two is very nice.

Other garden news:

  • There are some strange, slightly obscene looking, mushrooms sprouting in back. I’ve seen these orange phallic monsters before, but with the incredible damp this year, there are just many more of them.
  • I put in a nice blue flower in back, picture shown. Also added the final bush to the new front garden, picture not shown.
  • Finally, a Father’s Day gnome rang the doorbell that Sunday. Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, the gnoming occurred when Ben was returning from Target. Anyway, the gnome is at home in the wall garden.

One of the "Katy" coneflowers. Morning glories on near trellis are not very high yet, but have reached top of far one.

Farther's Day gnome in wall garden. The door bell rang, Audrey excitedly told me "someone is at the door for you!" and Ben was chucklin by the Beetle. Conspiracy?

New white coneflower. Put in two near other coneflowers.

Not the wall garden--this is the back yard. Some years I see one or two of these odd orange phallic mushrooms--this year there may be around 10. They are usually by the magnolia, whcih this cluster is, but some are showing up by the tulip tree, too.

New flower, back garden by clothesline, will add name later if I remember to check. Hope it does not taste good to bunnies.

Final image--hosta in wall garden. As Pat noted in a comment on an earlier post, not all hostal flowers are white. this one looks magical to me, due to soft colors on white background.



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3 responses to “The Garden, One Year Later

  1. Cate

    I think your mushrooms just made me gayer. Sure, you can have some coneflower cuttings – I think we have some yellow iris with your name on them as well.

  2. Toni

    I’m questioning the tastefulness of posting pictures of phallic mushrooms on a “family friendly” blog!

  3. crgardenjoe

    Virtually all of my photos are plant genetalia. Not my fault …

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