Blogettes or blog bites …

I’ve been waiting for the small limbs I trimmed from the crabapple trees to bloom (I read about forcing blooms in the Gazette a couple of weeks ago), but, although they show promise, no flowers yet, so no poetic blog to the first blooms of spring.
Instead, in the interim, a few short blog posts, maybe Twitter style, though I don’t promise only 140 characters each:

  • Best line of the health care summit? “We had an election, and I won.” Sigh. Sadly, I’m afraid we may not see much progress on this issue.
  • Streets of Cedar Rapids have been good for biking this week. Drivers of Cedar Rapids have not. I think that people consider biking in winter “improper” and show their displeasure by driving too closer to bikers. Jerks.
  • Why wasn’t Project Runway on last night? Thursday night just didn’t feel right without it. The latest season has actually been pretty good, and I want to see more. I need my Heidi fix!
  • Students seem to be in a pre-spring break funk. The semester is well under way and the first rounds of exams, assignments, papers, etc., leave stress in their wake. This is nothing, however, compared to the frenzy to come as April is turning to May.
  • The newspaper video camera suffered an epic fail, so no video photo poll for next week. Times TV will have to wait for a while for an update.
  • George Stephanopoulos

    George Stephanopoulos, an Associated Press image from USA Today.

    Good Morning America is almost watchable now that George S. is co-host. The pace is still a bit slow, which seems to be a common morning newsy program issue. But I tried to watch “Fox and Friends” for a while this morning (feel duty bound to view Fox once in awhile for professional reasons, and it’s almost always very painful). Audio on that particular TV at the gym didn’t work. I was so happy to have to switch back to GMA.

  • I will write a longer rant later when I’ve completely finished the book, but “The Lost Symbol” has to be one of the most wretched novels ever word processed. Only motivation I can figure is Dan Brown must have wanted scientists to understand why the Catholic Church was so upset by “The Da Vinci Code.” The sacred lost word of power? “Don’t.” As in, don’t waste your precious live reading a Dan Brown novel. Plenty of action. Plenty of twists and turns that, sadly, you’ll see coming and think “yuck.”
  • I still have not watched “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” yet despite my great admiration for both “Firefly” and “Dr. Horrible.” I will find some copies some day.
  • Piano is going OK, but 2 months into 2009 and I have practiced a total of 2 songs, neither of which I play well. Oh well, took a year to learn “G” and “A” on chimes and bells, so I knew this would be a slow process.
  • No progress to report on weight loss. But, not none, really, but at this rate I can lose 20 pounds in roughly four years …
  • Necesito practicar español, pero no tienen la mesa del español a Mount Mercy este semestre. ¡Que lastima!

    Spanish-speaking nurse

    UT Knoxville offers a medical Spanish course on line. Anybody offer a course on wedding toasts?

  • Audrey is with Katy, Tristan and Nikayla at the mall and children’s museum in Coralville. Much as I don’t care for malls, I am green with envy.

That’s it for today! Back to my longer essays as soon as Dan Brown finishes prattling on about his nonsense or the flowers bloom.



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3 responses to “Blogettes or blog bites …

  1. crgardenjoe

    Just to save anybody from typing, yes, I know it’s two months into 2010. But it’s only two months. New habits take an old person a while to form. I’ll have the hang of 2010 by 2012 or so….

  2. crgardenjoe

    Georgie S was guest on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” today. Peter asked him some questions sent in by the show’s Twitter followers (and I do follow Peter on Twitter). One was “why are you so dreamy?” No, I did not send it in.

  3. Wanda Dipple

    When you find the time – give a shout – we’ll lend you all seven seasons of Buffy. It’s not Firefly but it’s got lip glossed blonds, brooding muscle, and a surprising amount of dust…. ;-p

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