Run, Sarah, Run!

The hero of Nashville. Not really my cup of tea, however ....

OK, I’ve decided to quit messing around and pretending to be a liberal Democrat. I’m going back to my political roots (in 1976 I was a Republican delegate to the Iowa state convention. Granted, I was a Ford delegate, not a Reagan one, but I wasn’t in the Muslim-Socialist Party then, either).

What tipped the scales? Sarah’s masterful performance at the Nashville Tea Party gathering.

What deep thought. What profound eloquence. What great analysis of where America needs to go.


Can’t do it. Can’t keep up the façade, even in the interest of parody. What I really meant to write was: What deep thought? What profound eloquence? What great analysis of where America needs to go? What do the nuts in Nashville see in this obviously empty, cheap, platitude machine? (Sarah, don’t come after me with a moose gun, I’m not calling you a cheap woman, I meant that you spout cheap platitudes.)

Self disclosure: I’m a son of Tennessee myself. Granted, with my formative years in California and Iowa, I’m not much of a representative of southern manhood, and I am from the mountainous area of east Tennessee which was infested with Union sentiment during the war between the states, but by birth, I am from “real” America, the southern heartland of all that is good and kind.

Not unfair for her to use notes, even ones Sharpied into her left paw. But in the same breath as she lashes out at Obama for using a telepromter? Umm. Sarah? Don't you sometimes use a teleprompter? Somehow, consistent thought doesn't seem to come from SP ...

But the crazy babe of Nashville? Why does anybody take Sarah Palin seriously? “We don’t need a law professor, we need a commander in chief?” You are aware, aren’t you, that the other President from Illinois, while not a law professor, was a relatively inexperienced lawyer who was a cheap political hack named Abraham Lincoln. (And yes, he was a Republican, but that label is pretty meaningless compared to what the GOP seems to stand for today.)

No, I’m not saying Obama is another Lincoln. I’m not saying he’s not, either—history has to make that kind of grand judgment and the jury is out right now. But when Lincoln was President he was almost universally vilified and unpopular, too.

I got to say, (yeah I know, it should be “I have to” or “I have got to,” I’m trying a Sarahey talkey informally babbley thingy) though, Lincoln was a great commander in chief. And a writer. And a lawyer. And so (a writer, lawyer and great commander in chief) is Barack Obama.

As a professor, the “we don’t need a law professor” line is not only a cheap shot, it highlights that Obama is a highly intelligent, well educated individual. Very unlike you, Sarah.

And as commander in chiefs go, I’ll take Barack Hussein Obama over the former mayor of Wasilla any day.

So why do I entitle this blog “run, Sarah, run?”

Can’t think of a sillier candidate for the Republicans or the True Americans or the Tea Party or the Neanderthal Ninnies Who Criticize Teleprompters While Scribbling Notes on Their Palms can nominate in 2012.

She makes Joe Biden look deep. She makes Mikey Mouse look deep. She makes Taylor Swift look deep. She makes random drunk people sleeping in the alleys of Chicago look deep.

I know. That’s hyperbole. She doesn’t make drunk people look deep.

But boy, how shallow, how unimaginative, how 1964 she sounds. Please, Sarah, from a former Republican and son of the South, heed my pleas.

Run. Run Sarah. Run hard. I’ll be part of the wall you run smack into.

Stewart did it even better:


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3 responses to “Run, Sarah, Run!

  1. Carolyn

    Here is what seems to be an attraction to Sarah Palin. People look at her and see someone like themselves. Her personal probelms are similar to their personal problems. Her attitudes are their attitides. People like her platitudes because they “explain things” without having to be thought out. No complicated logic. Just straight forward gut instinct.

  2. crgardenjoe

    True, and I understand that. But even so … one reason Obama stood out from the Democratic crowd in 2008 is that he didn’t always give the scripted and expected answer to every question. If I really were still a Republican, I might be tempted by someone like Mike Huckabee. I think he’s usually wrong, but at least he seems to think about things.

  3. Cate

    Dude! All this, and link to The Daily Show? You rock!

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