The Lovely Boots

Nikayla and Tristan

Nikayla and Tristan on the last Saturday in Janauary, 2010. You can just see the bottoms of the lovely boots--a more "booty" picture is later in this blog.

Nikayla spent two nights with us last week, one visit planned, the other spontaneous. She seems to really enjoy her visits, and we do, too.

Wyatt was celebrating his birthday Thursday, which was the planned visit. Friday, Katy and Wyatt were dealing with Katy’s car, which they ended up trading on Saturday, and Nikayla fell asleep waiting for them. They took Tristan home, but they and we decided that Nikayla could just stay the night.

It was, as usual, a fun visit. Nikayla’s vocabulary is noticeably expanding. She says “bird” when she looks out onto the back deck and sees birds at the bird feeders, for instance. She has said the word “book” for a while, but says it more often, and is starting to develop a small list of favorites, which is a cool point in a child’s development, even if “A Fish out of Water” pales a bit to the adult after the sixth or seventh consecutive reading.

One of Nikayla's favorite books right now.

Nikalyla likes this book, too. When our kids were young it was one of the books that we had memorized so well that we could flip the pages with our eyes closed and read while half asleep. That seemed to happen a lot ...

Nikayla is also partial to “I am a Bunny,” which for some reason was a book often favored by our kids, too, when they were young.

But the real love of Nikayla’s life right now, besides cheese or visiting her grandparents, is a pair of silly fringed leather maroon boots.

Audrey bought the boots on a whim because they were cute and not expensive, probably at Target, where many of our impulse buys take place. They are slightly big on Nikayla’s feet, which, along with the zippers, makes them easy to put on and off.

But, for some reason, Nikayla wants them on all the time. She strides around the house in her pretty fringed boots, the master of all she surveys.

I bet she is striding around her own house this morning in fringed boots. When she took her first ride in her mom’s new used Mitsubishi Galant (what the heck is a “Galant?” and why are so many cars of the early century such inexplicable colors? Katy traded off a Taurus that was sort of green or sort of gold or sort of chartreuse for a Galant that is kind of teal, but greyer than teal with a bit more green—makes one pine for the day when the Model T was available in any color the customer wanted as long as it was black …) on Saturday (back to the original sentence, still with me? Nikayla is in the car …) she wore her precious boots home.

A clear shot of the lovely boots. Doesn't match the outfit, but Nikayla doesn't care. Any time is a great time for fringed boots ....

At our house, she sometimes napped in the boots. Didn’t wear then at night, although I don’t think it was because she wasn’t willing.

My daughter Amanda was saying the other day that she reads a blog about Project Runway which humorously mocks Heidi Klum’s sense of style—if it’s skanky and shiny, Heidi will like it.

The lovely boots aren’t “skanky,” and they don’t shine, but they are a bit flashy.  Just the thing to appeal to Nikayla’s sense of “style.”  When the three members of her generation were together for a photo shoot around Christmas, we noticed that Nikayla tuned into Elizabeth a lot more than Tristan, but Amanda, Lizzie’s mom, speculates that may be because Lizzie had cuter clothes.  Nikayla is like a spaceship mechanic on a Firefly–if it’s good, it’s “shiney.”  (And if you got that pop culture reference, congrats, you are officially a nerd, too.)

Then again, maybe a love for the flashy isn’t that surprising in Katy’s oldest child ….

Nothing to do with this blog post--MMC student Kayla McIntyre shot me reflected in the MMC Times office window. I just think it's a cool photo.

When Katy was first learning to ride a bicycle, she loved having big, bright, colorful tassles on the handlebars of her pink bike—I think to her that the tassles were the most important feature of the bike.  If I recall, they had something to do with either persuading her to trade off a tricycle for the bike or to ride the bike without training wheels–whichever, the tassles, like the lovely boots, were a hit.

Like mother, like daughter?



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5 responses to “The Lovely Boots

  1. Cate

    Funny you should mention bike bling, Joe – I picked up a bit of said bling for you on Saturday. I know you’ll be waiting with bated breath.

  2. crgardenjoe

    Oooo. Bike Bling!! Shiney!

  3. crgardenjoe

    Update on photo–Kayla was playing with PhotoShop, it’s actually a photo of me layered with a separate tree photo. Still cool.

  4. Amanda

    I think the tree photo should be you new facebook profile shot. Because you look pensive and dangerous. Dangerously pensive? Pensively dangerous?

  5. Toni

    Your arms seem to be missing from the photo.

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