Notes on visiting Elizabeth

I could call it “notes on visiting Matt and Amanda,” but let’s be honest, who is a grandparent really visiting?

This will probably be a fairly breif post, typed on my daughter’s unfamiliar computer.  I’m not used to her tiny keyboard, and have hands much too large for this tool, but here goes.

Liz is growing like a weed.  I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks, and it’s always interesting to see a baby a few weeks later, because he or she changes so dramatically in a short period of times.  Some notes on little Lizzie:

  • She is awake a lot more, very altert and interacts more.  Matt told of a “tag” game he played with her involving her tongue–I didn’t do that, but she and I did stick our tongues out at each other in a way that suggests she wsa at least vaguely aware of and could control her own tongue.
  • She is huge.  OK, no under 10 pound create is really “huge,” but she was a wee lass of a bit over 5 pounds when born, and now she can’t fit into some of her “newborn” clothing.
  • Liz has a interesting eye color.  They are blue, but a very deep blue, not the common washed out water color blue of many blue eyes, but clearly not brown.  A very rich, deep blue that I’m not used to.  She’s too young to know for sure yet what here eventual eye color will be, but on the other hand, she’s retained this interseting coloration long enought and has been in the world for enough weeks that there is the sneaking suspicioun that she might have blue eyes.  Odd, dark, interesting blue eyes.
  • She is a convenient tool for her mother, who will note that “Lizzie wants a cookie” before, of course, eating the cookie herself since Lizzie has no teech and can only get a cookie through her mother’s milk.  It’s a good thing men don’t lactate, I hesitate to think what I would have consumed given a similar excuse.

Anyway, just heard a young cry from the next room where Audrey and Lizzie were resting.  Have to go get ready to go, we’re picking up Nina in Omaha today (and heading back through Ames later for afternoon dessert.)

Cate, will this breif post tide you over?



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2 responses to “Notes on visiting Elizabeth

  1. Pat

    Don’t know about Cate, but it will tide me over!

    I love reading about your grandchild adventures and observations.

  2. Cate

    Well, it’ll do. At least the eccentric typing is amusing! And I’ll read anything about Lizzie.

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