Final Gardening Report

We (Audrey, Ben and I) went to Katy’s house Nov. 7 to help rake leaves. Somehow, on that warm fall day, it makes me think the 2009 gardening season is “over.” During Christmas break, weather allowing, I may trim some trees and bushes, and I may do one more quick rake of the tulip tree and mystery tree leaves, but we are fundamentally done with growing things.

So how did I do? In the new garden by the driveway, fairly well, as far as I can tell. I did finally get to see a few morning glories, although no moon flowers, but I’ll plant them earlier next year and will probably get much better results.

Most of the new perennial plants seemed to do well. One of the mysterious Lowe blue flower plants seemed to check out, and the Siberian iris quietly died, but other plants looked pretty healthy and happy. Of course, since most them are perennials, the real question is: Which will come back next year?

In September, we traveled to the farmhouse and retrieved several bushes, several peony roots and a rose bush. The rose came with limited roots, and the peonies were a bit broken up, so I don’t know what will come up in the spring, but some will, I hope. It would nice to have those flowers to remember the farm. I also don’t know the colors of these flowers, it having been long past season for them all, but I know one of the peony bushes which I dug up and divided into several sites, is the lacy “Chinese” peony, and it will be cool to have a completely different variety, fate willing.

Raking was a chore this year, with the large maple in the back dumping a huge weight of leaves. The tulip was still shedding the day we raked Katy’s yard, but here, a little over a week later, it’s pretty much done, though the two mysterious anonymous Arbor Day Foundation trees beside it have not dropped leaves yet. As the tulip bigger in future years, I’m sure it will be much more work.

Oh well. I still don’t resent raking—the trees are worth it.

I am, however, grateful to live with a stream bed behind my house, convenient for disposing of the back yard leaves. Katy’s house is in “urban” Marion, so we had to bag all of her leaves.

Raking her yard, in fact, raking overall, is not such a big deal. Bagging is. We worked very hard for several hours this afternoon, and there were five of us (Wyatt, Audrey, Ben, Marina and I). We filled more than 20 leaf bags and their yard cart. Wyatt will have fun dragging all of that to the curb.

Today, it’s a week later. I miss that sunny day of raking. Been way too busy this weekend-business complicated because the laptop is still not working and the desktop is incredibly slow. I bought an external hard drive and backed up all data files, but the “restore” CDs refuse to run. Maybe I’ll have to try to install Windows 7—going to talk to Jon about that.

Computers. Ugh. Not a happy topic like plants. But, so much for gardening this year. I guess I’ll have to go back to blogging about grandchildren … until spring.


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  1. Pat

    Grandchildren are always a good subject. Birdfeeders are too, I sometimes regard the diners as winter flowers.

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