The hands have it

Lizzie with hand

Me holding Lizzie Oct. 25 2009.

OK, OK—I’ll try not to make this simply a “grandpa’s” blog.

But I’ve just been having too much fun lately with granddaughters. It’s exhausting (although I bet Matt and Amanda will cringe, cry or burst out laughing when they read that), but the kids are occupying most of my attention these days.

Tonight was the “Halloween Hoopla” at Mount Mercy College, an annual event that is basically a pre-season exhibition for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The evening starts with a faculty/staff vs. students game.

In this case, “faculty” were all named “Sheller.” Audrey joined the team, which I have played on before. And we won! Not any thanks to us—we are definitely there to make everyone else look good. All I can say is—thank goodness some recent graduates work at Mount Mercy.

Anyway, Nikayla was there, and was her usual bumbly self. She kept monkeying around on the bleachers, climbing up and down and generally flirting with all the college students she could find. Not a shy one, that kid.

Later, she came over for a victory supper (that, actually, she helped cook since it was chili in the crock pot and Nikalya was with Audrey earlier today to put it together).

It’ll be a while before Lizzie is climbing on bleachers.

Amanda and Lizzie

Amanda with Lizzie. Again, nice hand photo.

I noticed in both sets of recent photos—ones from Oct. 20 and Oct. 25—that hands are prominently featured. On the day after her birth, someone, Nina, I suppose, took pictures of Audrey holding Elizabeth.  That photo isn’t on this computer, so I can’t post it direclty, but it’s in my “Elizabeth Ava Moscou” picture album on Facebook.

Then, several days later, someone (Nina again) took similar photos of me, which I put on top of this post.  I took photos of Amanda’s hands holding Nikayla, like the one above.

I don’t know what it is about the photos, but I really like them. Partly it is that you can see Lizzie’s already intelligent seeming look (yeah, I know, grandparents are so unbiased). Party is the juxtaposition of little Lizzie with big (or fairly small, in Audrey’s case although I don’t really have outsized hands) adult hands.

On Oct. 25, we also finally took a few family pictures of Matt, Amanda and Elizabeth. They both looked tired (who wouldn’t), but as Amanda posted on Facebook, when you’re a new parent you discover how much fun you can have even when severely sleep deprived.

Family photo is below. Cute, huh?

By the way, I probably lied about this not being a “grandpa’s” blog. Oh well.

Matt, Amanda and Lizzie

First family photos--Matt and Amanda and Baby E. More on my Facebook, Amanda used a B&W version of one as her profile photos--nice.



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11 responses to “The hands have it

  1. Pat

    Hi, Grandpa! Cute granddaughters you’ve got, there!

  2. Pat

    I keep trying to leave comments!

    Well, congratulations, grandpa, on a plethora of riches in the form of cute granddaughters.

  3. Pat

    OK, try again.

    Nice work, grandpa! You do good granddaughters.

  4. Pat

    Joe, I keep trying to post comments on this!

    Anyway, beautiful baby, you do good granddaughters.

  5. Pat

    OK, try again. (About the sixth time I have tried.)


  6. Pat

    Third time I have tried today.

    You have lovely granddaughters!

  7. Pat

    Grandpa blog – you’re going to be doing a lot of gping these next few months, might as well write about it.

  8. Pat

    About the tenth try?

    Anyway, grandpa, lovely granddaughters!

  9. Pat

    Joe, one more try! You make a good grampa, and I look forward to more grampa diaries.

  10. Pat

    Hey, Joe, way to go! Cute babies to play with, and you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. Grampa is in!

  11. Pat

    Hi, Joe, trying again. Wish I could leave comments for you.

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