Meeting Elizabeth

Elizabeth Ava Moscou on Oct. 20.

Elizabeth Ava Moscou on Oct. 20.

What a little cutie. I got to meet my newest granddaughter for the first time last Thursday, and Matt and Amanda do good work.

Elizabeth Ava Moscou came into the world at 10:19 p.m. on Oct. 19, so she is 10:19 squared.

Audrey got to see her Tuesday in the hospital, and it was nice that Matt was able to post pictures quickly—one of the advantages of Facebook is that a grandfather doesn’t have to wait for photos—but seeing a picture and holding the baby isn’t the same thing.

Audrey with Elizabeth.

Audrey with Elizabeth.

There is something intrinsically attractive about a baby. Must be something hard-wired into the human brain for the survival of the species. But, then again, even asleep, Lizzie has a lot of charm.

She little, was only 5-14 at birth, but a full-term bundle of charm nonetheless. I am very fond of the name Amanda and Matt chose for her. “Elizabeth Ava” has such a poetic ring to it, plus “Elizabeth” lends itself to many variations. It will interesting to see what “name” Elizabeth Ava ends up with.

Liz or Lizzie seem to be leading contenders right now.

On Thursday, Audrey, Nina, Katy and Katy’s daughter Nikayla were along when we went to Ames to see Elizabeth. It got to be a “baby hog,” which I hope to be again on Sunday when we plan to travel back to Ames to see her again.

It was fun to see Nikayla’s reaction to Elizabeth. Katy’s daughter and Amanda’s daughter seemed to get along fine, with Nikayla being curious about the baby, but not particularly bothered or jealous, which is nice.

I do enjoy being a grandfather. It’s one of the perks of age. I like holding baby Elizabeth and hope I can be a positive influence in her life—but it’s also comforting not to have the level of responsibility that Matt and Amanda have.

Carl Sandburg once said that a baby is God’s opinion that the universe should continue. I second the motion. Best wishes to Elizabeth, Amanda and Matt.

Me with the granddaugthers, Nikayla and Elizabeth.

Me with the granddaugthers, Nikayla and Elizabeth.



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3 responses to “Meeting Elizabeth

  1. Christina

    What a sweet picture, Grandpa Joe! I’m sure you will be a great influence, keeping them laughing, learning and enjoying frosted sugar cookies.

  2. Pat

    Aww! Especially that last picture, where you are interacting with both your granddaughters.

  3. Pat

    Cute as a kitten.

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